After Care Policy.

Please read our after care notice to ensure you maintain and preserve your jewellery to good standards.

To prevent tarnishing Silver jewellery please ensure that you;


  1. Avoid exposure to perfume, deodorants, hair spray, salt water, chemicals or abrasive substances.
  2. Store your silver in a suitable airtight container.
  3. Clean the silver jewellery regularly using a silver polishing cloth or jewellery cleaner (we can not be held liable when using liquids on your jewellery).

Please note: Pearls can bleach with excessive exposure to the sun.


We do not hold any responsibility for your jewellery in the after care process, this is entirely your responsibility. However should you encounter any difficulties with your jewellery, that is related to damage due to no fault of your own (does not include wear and tear), please provide us with pictures of the image to the item and we will aim to give you advice, and if applicable replace your item.
Please note: Small items can cause choking hazards. Please ensure to keep away from young children.

Drilled Goods Disclaimer

With all Pearls that require our drilling and mounting service please be advised to remove all jewellery before baths/showers and water activities. Water can weaken the glue, we use top quality glue and will not dispatch any jewellery without it being of a high quality standard.

Please note: Small items can cause choking hazards. Please ensure to keep away from young children.
We hold no responsibility once the jewellery leaves our premises.

Receiving Goods Policy

We would like to advise you there could be a short waiting time on receiving your goods (we will give you a time period when placing your order). We aim to get all pieces sent out/delivered as soon as we possibly can. However we take pride in giving you the best service possible and this can occasionally take time. If there is a specific date you need to receive your item by, please advise us before placing your order so you can inform you if this is possible. We do hold many pieces of jewellery in stock so we may be able to give a quicker alternative if your enquiry does not meet your date requirements.
We aim to keep you informed as much as possible throughout your ordering process.
Please note: Small items can cause choking hazards. Please ensure to keep away from young children.

Bespoke Bear Policy.

Please note that when placing an order for any of our Bespoke Bears there could be a short waiting list, but upon placing your order we will always advise you on the estimated time it should take.  If you require a particular design please outline your requirements using our bespoke bear design form.

We will do our very best to match you’re requirements and picture will be sent before posting / delivery so if you would like any changes to be made we can adjust accordingly. Bears can be personalised with names and virtually any embellishment you can think of.

Warning. These bears are not CCE tested and some can contain small parts and breakable pieces.  Small parts can be a choking hazard to young children.
 We do not hold any responsibility for injuries caused once you receive your bear.


Due to allergies we have a duty of care to advise you of the ingredients we use in our products:

Jemanda Dust

  • Epsom Salt, Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Soda Bicarbonate, Essential Oils, Colourings, Water, Coconut Oil

Candles and Wax Melts

  • Soya Wax, Colourings, Essential Oils Water Wick Resin

Sugar Scrub

  • Epsom Salts, Sugar, Water, Colourings, Essential Oils

Bath Salts / Muscle Relaxer

  • Epsom Salts, Soda Bicarbonate, Water, Colourings, Essential Oils

Bespoke Bears

  • Synthetic Wool, Beads for eyes, Natural Cotton, Glass vile to hold the pearl/pearls.

We also need to advise you that Amanda has several pets, and although we take the upmost care to ensure your bespoke bear arrives to you in pristine condition, we can not guarantee that the item has not come into contact with animal hair.
Our Jewellery could also come into contact with animal hair. If you require your jewellery to be sent to Jenni due to allergies where there is no pets (other than a hamster and occasionally a dog. However the dog can be avoided if we have a special case). Please advise us before ordering as we can also sterilise the jewellery.
Please be aware small pieces can be choking hazard. These products are not edible and should they be consumed you should seek medical advice immediately.
We hold no liability regarding allergies or accidents with any of our products.