Here at Fabulash Pearls we pride ourselves in offering an exclusive experience.

  • Here you can choose your own stunning pearl(s) to accompany each piece of jewellery.
  • We will pop open Oysters through a live feed to reveal your gorgeous pearl(s) inside.
  • Where applicable we will then drill and mount the pearl(s) on your jewellery, or they will be placed within the cage, and you can wear them with pride every day whilst showing off your unique purchase.
Fabulash Pearls Oysters

Our oysters are farmed in fresh water. The pearl(s) are created inside Oysters when the oyster breathes- opens and closes. Often when this happens, small parts of debris get inside the oyster; this will irritate it much like an itch. Now the clever oyster will release a nacre layer to cover the irritant to stop the itch. It’s this process that creates your magical pearl. This process continues until the end of its life. The longer the oyster lives- the larger the pearl. Whilst this is happening difference in temperature will determine the pearls colour. Each beautiful colour has its own special and significant meaning.

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