Welcome to Fabulash Pearls!

The bespoke handmade jewellery store which is the brainchild of Jenni and Amanda.

About 2 years ago our two amazing individual thriving businesses, merged to create one that is completely unique and bespoke. From there our love for pearls grew with a rapidly growing community of pearl lovers and Fabulash customers. You can request to join the ‘Fabulash Pearls’ Facebook group to see for yourselves what all the fuss is about, and keep up to date on all events, perhaps even make some ‘Pearl-Addict’ friends. We also have a 'Fabulash Pearls' page on Facebook where you can send ‘messages’ and join in on our hilarious live feeds.

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Furthermore we do love a little extra, that sets us aside from other pearl popping communities with our handmade jewellery reveals.

These can come in forms of: Candles, Sugar Srubs, Bath Salts, Our famous ‘Jemamda Dust’ and more! These are all customisable to your requirement and all cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Fabulash Pearls

‘Fabulash Pearls’ also offer truly amazing bespoke hand-made woolly bears that come with optional oyster opening. Once we have ‘Popped’ your pearl(s) it’s kept in a small glass jar-securely attached to your bear to hold for you. We have 25 of these amazing bears to collect from the ‘Fabulash Bears’ range, plus you can design your own!